January Road Trip Day 1: Fort Boggy and Huntsville

The January road trip has arrived. It arrived a week early. I was initially planning on doing the first multipark road trip the 3rd week in January, but after taking a look at the forecast it seemed that going in the 2nd week would be better for warmer weather. On the agenda was the Houston/Galveston area. The original plan was to visit 3 parks the first day Fort Boggy, Huntsville & Sheldon Lake.

But that could only have been accomplished if I had left the house at a reasonable hour.   I can only say that it was the first multipark road trip and I kept finding things to put in the car. I did do some packing/planning the days and evenings before, but it seemed just too many things left to do upon the morning of departure. I had booked the hotel rooms a few days before, so I needed to actually get on the road vs. delaying a day (too much canceling and rebooking) which would have been the prudent thing to do.  I also had to stop at the post office, the gas station, and actually go into a convenience store to pick up drinks for the road. I have since purchased drink stock for future road trips at a non convenience price.

Fort Boggy – I am adopting a new navigation process by using my phone vs the cars built-in Navi. First, the park did not come up in beastie’s Navi. Second, I no longer pay for traffic in the car. I mean why – I have this phone that does all this for me. Note that due to my 2017 planned road trips, I am seriously considering paying up for some satellite this year. Maybe. Scanning and seeking for a local station is tiresome at best.  Why is this important? Because I chose a Ft Boggy destination that was a road and not the park itself (might have been not paying full attention when choosing). I had to use some logic to actually find the park versus blindly follow the maps app.

Once that park was found, I was surprised that there was no gate attendant at the park. Considering that I have my annual park pass, the entrance part was not the issue. It was obtaining any park guides that was more of the issue. As noted earlier, I left a week earlier than originally planned. I figured that I could wing it after my 1st Day Hike experience and get park info on location. My first stop has proven that an invalid assumption. After driving aimlessly, I finally found a hiking trail and said here we go girls. Time to get out of the car and on to the trail.

She is wondering why I keep stopping to take pictures.

Bird Alley – they stop singing and doing flyovers when you get too close. 

Note that the trail chosen was not the trail I would have chosen had I known about the more scenic 1 mile Lake trail prior to doing the 1.64 mile Campbell trail.  After which we were done walking for that park. I did enjoy the trail, especially the bird alley, but like to assume that I would have preferred the lake trail over the pasture trail. But we were running behind, so off we go down the road to Huntsville State Park.

Huntsville State Park – Wow, who knew that was there. The few times that I had been down I-45 I may or may not have noticed any park signs let alone that there was this big ass lake and camping/trail area that was really quite beautiful. After exploring some easy hiking areas and campsites we were back on the road since the sun was getting low in the sky. Yes this park had the appropriate gate attendant to take my card and give me the park guides to help me navigate along the way.

Since the sun was getting low, 2 problems were rising. 1. Sheldon Lake was scheduled to close in about 15 minutes and I was at least an hour away. 2 it was a bad time of the day to be hitting Houston traffic, which is just as bad if not worse than DFW traffic. Time to come up with a new plan.

So I decided to go to the Sam Houston Monument where there is a giant statue is Sam Houston gazing towards Houston off of I -45. The information center was closing as I drove up, but that did not stop me from going out and taking some pics of the big guy. 

Just a head….

Now to deal with the traffic issue. The handy maps app provided alternate routes. They all took just as long. The only difference is that on 1 the wheels kept turning on the others the wheels barely rolled through the traffic. I decided to keep the wheels turning. Which would have been a very pleasant drive had I been able to see anything darkness. It was pitch black out there in the country by that time of night. Maybe during another adventure to the area I will pick up that trail again. I will need to catch Sheldon Lake somewhere along the way, somehow.


2 thoughts on “January Road Trip Day 1: Fort Boggy and Huntsville

  1. I can tell that I’m gonna have a blast reading your amazing blog! I’ve done a few state park reviews too and also have my park pass 😃I’ve never been to Fort Boggy but like you, I want to see them all but $ and time make it hard to do in 1 year so glad I can still see with you instead!!

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