January Road Trip Day 4: Washington on the Brazos & Fanthorp Inn

The last day of this road trip. As I make my way to Washington on the Brazos, still confused by what that even means and even more clueless as to why it is even important. Interestingly it ties right into the San Jacinto Battleground. In March of 1836 the Republic of Texas was born in Washington which is on the Brazos River. Washington was just the name of a guy who lived here early on, no link to the one that ends in D.C.

This is where it happened:

Not all Texans pronounce it that way…

59 delegates from around Texas met here to declare Texas independence from Mexico. It was a harrowing time where people were streaming in from the south saying that Santa Ana was right behind them as they waiting to be ferried across the river. The people were scared for their lives because if Santa Ana was known for killing everyone that opposed him. Everyone. These 59 men had a lot of weight on their shoulders and had to stay versus going to help their countrymen at the Alamo. There is also a museum associated with the Historical site along with Barrington Farm. I did go through the museum but choose not to walk around the farm. I did drive down to see the layout, but that was it. On occasion a museum will have a piece of interest that I have not seen (or noticed) before. In this case it is a Native American boomerang and flip-flops. 

The 28th State Flag: 

Fanthorp Inn – Here is a picture of the sign and of the Inn. As you can see on the sign it is only open on the weekends. It was not the weekend.

Things to note: This area would be beautiful to visit in the spring during blue bonnet season. It has a wide variety of plant life and an arboretum type feel. Most if not all of the trees were dormant in January. From the description of the Inn, I do not need to plan to come back on a weekend. Finally, I am imposing a blog post deadline of the last day of the month to post that months road trip and local day trip. Along with the obvious research requirement. As in, do some research…


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