February Road Trip Day 2 – Lake Casa Blanca & Falcon

Off to Laredo we go! I have never been to this part of Texas and for those in state travelers who already know this fact. Texas has multiple and a wide variety of landscapes. I know that I am guilty of staying within my comfort zones and on the main highways. It always came down to how fast can you get there and back. And once you get there you do the activity planned and done. Now that I get to play explorer I am seeing new opportunities. I will not claim that I am experiencing everything that an area has to offer. But is sure is a lot more that I was confined to in the past. Happy.

Lake Casa Blanca – Note that the full name of this park is Lake Casa Blanca International State Park. I presume because Laredo is known as the gateway to Mexico I am confident that I did not cross the border at this park. Also note that this is the hot hot hot day. At this point in the day the thermometer was just rising, I assumed I was so miserably hot was because it was more of a desert landscape and windy. I was not much of a fan of hanging out for too long. Neither were the monsters. Here are the pics, there is not much else I can share about this lake from my own experiences.

Falcon – Now it is really hot and I am watching the outside temp indicator in my car climb by the minute. It topped out at 109 degrees. I was done at 107 degrees. Something to note from my naivety is that there is a border patrol car about every 10 miles on the highway waiting for you to speed by. Or walk by if you just waded across the Rio Grande. Falcon Reservoir not only provides a big ass lake it is also a border crossing. Who knew. Not me obviously. I for some reason thought that there were only 3 maybe 4 official crossings. Like El Paso, Laredo, Brownsville – it is true, there are crossings in these areas along with many more. Such as this one at Falcon. In fact there are enough “big” crossing that they are a part of the local traffic reports on the wait times at the bridges. Driving along Hwy 83 you can see on the navigation map that the river is very close, when you actually see the river you realize that you can see Mexico from there. I would also like to note that just like crossing state lines, the people there are the people there. There is not a Texan vs New Mexican or Texan / Mexican distinction. For all practical purposes, I was in Mexico when I was driving along this stretch of highway and through the small towns. I was the obvious foreigner in these parts.

Well back to the park, I did some off roading to drive Beastie lakeside. Hey there were trails, but considering that she was just in the shop because of a top malfunction, I probably should not have been climbing over the rock walls and Jeep approved trails. Too late now… So we got our feet wet and stuck in the mud, after which I picked a different and only slightly better trail to get back on the park road. I did visit the Butterfly garden which was abandoned of butterflies due to the 109 degree weather.


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