February Roadtrip Day 1 – Lockhart & Palmetto

Yes, I am aware of my January resolution to publish the month’s activity prior to the end of the month. But…what happens when the road trip does not occur until the end of the month? Such a scenario occurred in February. It was not necessarily planned to be so close to the end of the month, but the original plan was also relatively close to the end of the month. I was going to leave earlier in the week, but Beastie chose to act up requiring a trip to the shop to get fixed up to be able to make the trip. One good thing about the delay was that I missed a chance to be way too close to 5 tornados that touched down in San Antonio. So maybe it was a good thing Beastie acted up.  I am pretty happy that I actually made the trip this month. The default plan was to do 2 in March depending on the Beastie damage.

Another point to note is that I had planned this trip intentionally in a winter month to avoid the heat of summer. It was just my luck that there was an unusual heat wave which topped the charts @ 109 degrees on my second day. It was 97 degrees on the third…hot,hot,hot. This is also one of the higher mileage trips of the year, all the way to the tip of Texas in Brownsville. Besides Big Bend and El Paso, probably one of the longest trips that will happen this year. I shadowed the border from Laredo to South Padre. I certainly got an education regarding the border during this trip. From Laredo to McAllen there is a Border Patrol car about every 10 miles. There are also a lot more border crossings than I was aware. So many that it is a part of the traffics reports. I also saw a part of the wall that has already been built in the Brownsville area and had the privilege of going through a border checkpoint. I am assuming that regardless of the road you take north, you have to go through a checkpoint to verify if they need to check for smuggling. Both drugs and people. I assume this because I saw the same type of checkpoint on the trip down on a different highway.

Lockhart – A small park that has a golf course! If one enjoyed golfing and camping, it would be quite an enjoyable little park. I would go to this park again to spend some more time. I did not spend a lot of time here because I wanted to spend more time at the next park on the list for the day. I did not really plan on stopping here on the first day, but decided that since I was driving right by it, I should stop. I am glad that I did. I now know that if I am in the area again and need to kill some time, it is a great little park.

Lockhart also happens to be the home of some tasty BBQ. I came back over here to try some for myself. I will have to come back to try more!

Palmetto – Another small park perfect for a first day road trip. This park has boardwalks to snake through the dwarf palmettos. It is a tropical paradise in central Texas.

The historic pump that moves the artisan water around is pretty cool too. Along with the rock consession building that was built in 1935 by the CCC – The Civilian Conservation Corps.

A beautiful start to the road trip.


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