February Road Trip Day 4 So. Padre Island – Choke Canyon, Calliham

The last day of the road trip – or at least the last day of official park visiting. There was one more day on the road. But it was just the road home. The first item on the agenda is not a State Park but it is listed on my wall map as a National Seashore.

South Padre Island РWhy the distinction of South? Well the Northern part of the island is protected park lands. Also Park Rd 100 stops about 1/3 of the way up and as you will see in the pics, the sand is trying reclaim the road as it is. I wish that I had driven to the end of the road upon arrival the evening before. Then I would have known that I would have preferred traipsing over the dunes to get to the beach for the morning walk vs picking beach access #3. The spot was fine but the dunes would have been better!


South Padre Island also goes by its initials SPI but I liked SoPadre better. This is an obvious tourist trip locale and of course who hasn’t heard of Spring Break on Padre. I am glad I was not here when that craziness is in full swing.

Choke Canyon РCalliham РThis lake has 2 main entrances/activity areas. Per the TPWD app the South Shore entrance was said to be closed, but the gate was open. I was planing on  visiting the Calaham entrance for the hiking options anyhow. The South Shore entrance primarily revolves around fishing. No Thanks!

It was late in the day when I arrived at the park, but there was still plenty of sunshine and it was a nice mild 67 degrees. Perfect. The best thing about this time of day was the wildlife. I saw bobcat, deer, turkeys and birds nesting on top of a light pole. The pics may not be the best, but they are a close as I could get in the moment. There were other trails that would have been of interest too, but one thing is that this state park map might be the worst yet, the map did not match trails or trail names, someone did some changes but it has not made it to the page yet, and two it was again late in the day and I still had quite a few miles to go before reaching the hotel for the night.

Live bird butts roosting on the light pole

The End. (For February)

Oh the reason there is not a local trip this month is because it is going to be a do over. The first attempt did not do it just in time or space. So I will go again in March. And I will go during the week, not on a weekend!


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