March in April Road Trip #1 Day 1 Stephen F. Austin w/ a Short Stop @ Washington on the Brazos

Why March in April – well I did not get to take a road trip in March. A few reasons for the delay – primarily it was due to the convertible top failure- again. With another supposed warranty fix this time. Maybe the warranty work evens out the outrageous cost from the visit last month. But not really. Thus I no longer have that beast of a car and back in my comfort car effective March 30th. Known from now on as my Chickadee. The other driver was that my miniature hairless blue jackshund hurt her back to the point of paralyzation on March 1st. The first 5 days were pretty horrible. Improvement @ 10-14 days and some real progress by the end of the month. Enough progress that I felt comfortable booking another road trip. And due to discounts of booking early went ahead and booked the second road trip of the month too. The real April road trip.

Washington on the Brazos – When I was here in January my remarks were that this would be a beautiful place in the spring. And I sure that it was beautiful as I imagined in my minds eye in March when my wild flower dreams were in full swing. By the time I arrived the grass had also had time to grow up and cover the wild flowers. Or at least past the point of perfect wild flower pics that I had in my minds eye. It was also the first stop to hop out and use the pet stroller, and I forgot to change shoes and put on my big rimmed hat. This, I was hot and worried that a snake was going to bite my toe at any moment. Again it was hot. With that hat it would have been better. I did get a few good pics of bluebonnets but overall it was an unsatisfactory stop. Maybe the best benefit (learning experience) was actually using the stroller. As with anything it was difficult the first time. And then the adventure continued…and I had the brilliant idea to take back roads. Guess what, a good chunk of them were gravel roads!! And in my less than one week old new chickadee. Additionally, Stephen F. Austin having just recently opened still has a lot of flood damage. So much so, that the back entrance road was still closed, and gravel, that I drive to and back from…  This was just the first of my navigation issues. Luckily they only lasted for one more day. Smooth sailing on the 3rd day 🙂 Yeah.

Stephen F. Austin – This is one of the pick up parks that I did not go through in January. This one was missed because it was closed due to flooding. It is a beautiful park with some awesome cabins. Note that a lot of the trails are also still closed. A deer bolted across our path when heading down a flowing grass covered trail. At this point the stroller had been opened up and Charity made a jump for it to go after the deer. Luckily I caught her by the leash/harness and she did not go crashing to the ground. She was still not so steady on her feet.

Charity in her new stroller – Sniffing for deer

Deer running across path

Cute Cabin

Looks like Palmetto’s

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