March in April Road Trip #1 Day 2 Sheldon Lake & Sea Rim with a Short Stop @ San Jacinto

The second park picked up from the January Road Trip missed parks is Sheldon Lake. On the way I decided to try to get a sunny day pick of San Jacinto. I would say that I did not get such great pics from that quest. I am not even sure that any of them will make an appearance here.

Sheldon Lake – Here was the second navigational frustration of the trip. The entrance that was on the navigation was closed. I believe that this might be a relatively new occurrence and I should have reported it to the Maps App. But frustration was relatively high at that point. Once I manually navigated to the entrance I was pleasantly surprised with this grid layout of man-made study ponds. And there was a pretty awesome if not windy tower, where the elevator was actually working even if the app warning of a closure said it was under maintenance. The coolest thing on the top level was the directional references, such as Dallas this way at every point (more than 4) on the platform. 

The Windy Tower

Sea Rim – Interestingly to get to this park you have to drive through the middle of a refinery to get there. I also found a treasure on the beach. A Sea Bean or Drift Seed. Some may question this as treasure, but it was one of those finds that had I not come across an article on the topic I would have had no idea what I stumbled across. Lucky me to find it from afar. My visit was on a particularly windy day, or I assume that it was especially windy. It could be like that all the time. One of the perks of the park is considered the “Gulf Breeze” so I may be assuming incorrectly. The breeze made the stroller a nightmare in that it balways wanted to be blown over, along with it being impossible to keep a hat on my head. It was challenging and exhausting to walk along that bit of a stretch of a beach. Afterwards I did find the boardwalk route that would have probably been more pleasant and a good representation of the sea puddles. It was just on much to try to tackle after getting the stroller back in the car as it was. 

The pictures look prettier than the day actually was. I also made a trip through Nederland to Orange, TX to go to the information center for this pic.


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