April Road Trip #2 Day 1 Goliad & Fannin Battleground

Goliad & Fannin Battleground –

For most, the battle cry “Remember the Alamo” was what was used at San Jacinto in the Texas Revolution, but those three words were followed by “Remember Goliad”. Goliad State Park is a beautiful green grass tree filled spot in a bend of the San Anotonio River. It also houses a mission!  (I have spent some time in the past visiting missions, and this one is another beautiful mission to add to the list) The Mission Espiritu Santo, sits atop a high point and has had many lives post mission days. It was the location of the first major cattle drive in Texas and it was a men’s college prior to the Civil War. Today is is a piece of history as a museum. 

Another place for a significant amount of Texas history is up and across the river at Presidio La Bahia or Fort Defense, and the birthplace of General Zaragoza, the hero of Cinco de Mayo. And the basis of the battle cry “Remember Goliad”. Colonel Fannin’s army was slaughtered here 3 weeks after the Alamo as a part of Santa Ana’s campaign of “leave no quarter”. Which means kill everyone – every man, woman & child – everyone. 

Angel of Goliad – She saved many lives not just at Goliad but other major battles of the revolution.

There is also a chapel that is a part of the Presidio La Bahia where the Lady of Loreto on the outside was sculpted by Lincoln Borglum the son of Gutzon Borglum who created Mount Rushmore. A place near and dear to the hearts of native South Dakotan’s (yes I am one). 


Goliad also has a beautiful town square and they pave around the trees in the streets. Nice.


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