April Road Trip #2 Day 2 Goose Island, Mustang Island, Padre Island National Sea Shore, Lipantitlan

Yes lots of islands today, one of which was quite disappointing. That one should have been a highlight of the day, but turned out to be the low spot of the day. Oh well. I suppose that Big Tree should also be in the title but it is already too long. And I suppose that Big Tree is a part of Goose Island. Let’s handle one bit of business first – According to the Texas State Parks – State Park Guide, this trip would have closed out my Gulf Coast section of Texas. But, according to that Texas State Map – there are 2 other State Park / Historical Sites – Fulton Mansion & Matagora Island. Ugh. Ugh, because I did not realize this until after the trip and I was placing pins on the map and saw 2 more green triangles, ugh. Fulton Mansion was transferred to TPWD in 2008, I do not have an answer as to why it is not in the booklet. Matagora Island on the other hand is a wildlife management area with a portion designated as state park on some publications but does not have the typical state park facilities.  Needless to say I did not venture to either. I would further add that all I did on Padre Island National Sea Shore was get a warning ticket for speeding. Groaning Ugh on that one. Additionally, all I see now on FB are posts of baby turtles making their way to the sea now and I didn’t see a single one in person. I can tell you that prior to being pulled over the Gulf did look pretty from the turnaround. Otherwise from the road you don’t get a view of anything but some brushy sand hills. Anyhow – Goose Island.

Goose Island – The coastal live oak trees are amazing on Goose Island. They are twisted by the wind and have grown in creepily strange and beautiful trees. Goose island is also the location of the Big Tree – biggest and oldest coastal oak. In 1966 it was names the Texas State Champion Live Oak. It is an amazing 1,000+ years old and it takes 35 feet to get around its 11 foot diameter. 

Clump of trees of whose roots are whose?


Indian Paintbrushes were in bloom everywhere!
Dung Beetle doing his thing.

Another oak along the Turk’s Cap Trail – also large, but not like Big Tree.

Most would probably say that I would be amiss by not mentioning the pier off the island or it many gulf side camping sites. I did not stop to take pictures but the pier is long and the sites are right on the water.

Mustang Island – On my last road trip I made the big realization that I was not a beach girl. Prior to this, in the big master planning stage I read about camping right on the beach on Mustang Island. And I was like WOOHOO that would be awesome. But when planning this trip it was after Charity had her paralyzation bout and I took camping off the table for a bit. Now I realize that camping on the sand and having to deal with the wind and listen to the waves would have definitely been miserable. I understand that there will be differing opinions out there, but this ended up being the right choice for me. Providence?

Ok, I have been to Mustang Beach before, not the state park Mustang Beach and had very high expectations of the visit. I was not as I remembered, but I was also not in the same area Here are some shots of the visit. Note that for some reason Charity can walk almost like normal on the sand. So she did not have to ride in the stroller. But she was pretty exhausted afterwards.

There was seaweed everywhere, but no sea beans to be found by me.

I have no pics of of Padre – only a warning ticket.

Lipantitlan – I am so happy that I took Tx Road 666 to get to this little stop. It is not even a stop, you drive around the loop take a pic of the memorial stone and the cactus growing out of the tree and that is it. A middle of no where presumably challenging find without navigation.


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