April Road Trip #2 Day 3 Lake Corpus Christi

Short drive to the lake before rolling home.

Lake Corpus Christi – Another CCC project and a pretty big one. Not the same rock work as at Palmetto, but a nice bird shelter none the less. Lots of bird attractions at the park.

Final thoughts after this trip – 2 big trips in a month is 1 too many. At least that part of the planning was correct. A big trip with a local trip each month seems to meet the travel requirements just right. Doing these 2 big trips this month has left me not wanting to get on the road in May. May, the bat cave birthday plan, that I do not really want to consider having to drive all those miles. I have not come up with a better trip plan yet. I guess we will all have to stay tuned to see what happens.  Additionally I did not do any local trips, note that a part of the issue was that I did not have my primary mode of transportation in between trips, which tossed me off my game.

Another part of the master plan that ended up being a fail was planning these far away closer to the equator trips in the winter/cooler months. When it is 109 degrees in February that was an obvious miss. It makes me consider reconsidering the Big Bend in December plan. But my equator logic keeps kicking back in. Hmmmmmm.


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