May Road Trip Day 1 Abilene & San Angelo

This months road trip was kicked off on Mother’s Day. The first park up on the list had a carnation at the gate from the Friends of Abilene State Park for all Mommies. I suppose since I take my fur babies everywhere I can be considered a Mommy of sorts. It was a nice touch. With all of the park visitors, lot’s of carnations were handed out that day. I was glad to see people out and about on the trails at the park. Since I usually visit during the week I usually do not see the crowds. Granted some parks are more popular than others. But it was easy to see that this one is well supported in the community.

Abilene – Yurts! Future note to self, wouldn’t if be awesome to spend the night in a yurt? Yes it would, but they probably do not allow pets to spend the night in a yurt.  Another item to note is that the red earth makes the creek red too. A bit shocking when I don’t usually run across red creeks. It was a beautiful start to the day and the trails were green and beautiful.

San Angelo – Remember that I said there was a beautiful start to the day? Well I crossed the zone and it is now hot and arid. This is also a sad park to visit. The dam is almost empty, even at the gate they show the level of the dam as extremely low. With so much water in other places it seems like a crisis that there is not nearly enough water here. It is also hot and windy like South Texas.



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