May Road Trip Day 2 Seminole Canyon

It may appear that there was only one park visited this day. The day started with Sonora Caverns which is not a state park, so it can not be documented with this post. It has its own post!!! Originally Devils River was on the agenda, but after reading a bit more about its location and warnings I decided that unless I was on a serious hiking trip & sans girls, I will need to skip this one at this time. Kickapoo Cavern was also on the agenda to see the bats fly…I will tell that story later. It makes more sense after hearing about the Canyon Hike.

Seminole Canyon –  Wow – since I already used the word amazing on the Sonora Caverns post, I am pretty sure Wow was the first word that I used when I looked out upon the Canyon from the Park Headquarters. This view was certainly not the most impressive, but at the time it certainly was.


After asking about the trail and its stroller accessibility I went blissfully off to explore the park. I interpreted the “oh sure, the trail is wide enough for a stroller”, as the trail being stroller friendly. This was an incorrect assumption. Along with seemingly poor decisions on which trails to actually take.

In my defense, I will always have regretted not taking the Canyon Rim trail being sure that I had missed some thing big. I could also tell that the Rio Grand trail looked like I would be seeing nothing of the canyon. All of these points are true. Also true is the fact that none of these trails should be navigated with a stroller. Finally,  it is impossible to see any of the cave pictograph that is on the other side of the canyon even with binoculars. If you must see the cave paintings, either check out the display in the visitor center, or take the special tour, or maybe even buy one of the books they have on the topic, or watch the videos on the TPWD site. Otherwise the trees cover up the artwork. I know this after taking over 31K steps on this day. Yowza!

And what possessed me to take so may steps, well part of them were already completed in an hour long underground cave earlier in the day. And at first when the trail details say 7.5 miles, I said no thank you, then I started looking at the map and realized that was  the total out and back mileage and I was going to go out to the overlook regardless, so why not take the Canyon Rim trail. Oh and why not take the Middle Fork and Presa Overlook trail to get there? Well the Presa Overlook is bare stepped rocks, but it was downhill in the direction I was going and after navigating that part I said how much harder could it be. How much? Very much. But I did it, and I saw it, and I fought the unpacked rock/dirt road on the Rio Grande trail all the way back. And it was just as I expected too. Only worse since the wheels on the stroller are only bigger in the back making the front wheels just dig into the dirt and get stuck, over and over and over and over again.

Panther Cave Overlook Pictograph in the Visitor’s Center –

Panther Cave from the Overlook – It is true you can see the panthers tail if you zoom ALOT. I might just think I am seeing too….

There were some pretty wildflowers –

Some of the rocky trail & canyon pics –

After the challenged stroller hike I planned on hopping in the car and getting to Kickapoo Cavern to see the bats fly. I good plan. Especially after I drove through there the next day and it is remote. It will be a drive to get back over here to see some bats fly in a month or so.

I did not get to see the bats fly because my new and improved navigation system took me to a dirt back road that was closed to traffic via a chained and locked gate. As cell coverage would have it, there is no service out in the middle of no where. So I was on my own. Granted I do have a paper Texas state map in the car for just in case situations like this. I did not utilize this tool – I was a bit tired by this time. As I turned around and started my way back I saw a sign to Brackettville and was pretty sure that was the town on the road to the park. But by now it was getting late and the bats would probably have already flown by the time I arrived. I decided it was best to call it a day and get to Del Rio for the night.

Note – There is a monster reservoir here called International Amistad Reservoir – and it is full of water. There are also some associated major border crossings but I did not see a fence in this area. I did however see very many Border Patrol agents, but did not have to go through any check sites.


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