May Road Trip Day 3 South Llano River & Lake Brownwood

After the failed navigation attempt on Day 2 to go to Kickapoo. I specifically chose the road to Kickapoo on my way north for Day 3. One of the challenges in my current hotel staying road trips is that there are no hotels in this section of Texas. You are guaranteed a drive to see either of the Bat Caves. Kickapoo or Devil’s Sinkhole. Devil’s Sinkhole has more bats but you have to make reservations to go on the tour. Note that they do allow dogs to go on to the bat cave though. In July I should be back in the region and will plan not to get overtired during the day to make the trip out and then back again. The other obvious option would be to camp @ Kickapoo. A very pretty park and a very pretty drive on the winding country roads. Not gravel, but close, most of the time if your driving 45 mph, you are risking running off the road with the sharp curves, steep drop offs and draw crossings that are roller coaster like dips in the road. Let alone risking hitting the livestock grazing by the blacktop.

South Llano River – Beautiful, if I am looking for places to camp, I would pick this park. The attendant at the park headquarters said that there were some great hiking trails in what appears to be the back 40. I was definitely not up to rocky hikes so she sent me down by the river. This worked great for me. I was interested in some of the views she was describing, I just need to see the views sans doggie stroller. We also had the pleasure of meeting an armadillo on the trail. No good pics since I did not get my camera fired up quick enough as I was holding back the hound from going into attack mode.

Speaking of wildlife, there was an abundance on this trip – in particular 2 snakes on the road one long and black snake that I will identify as the Texas Indigo. It was at least 6 feet long sunning itself in the road outside of Sonora Caverns. Then there was the big fat rattlesnake on the failed navigation attempt. Both zippidydooed off the road when I zipped by. Then there was the dead one going into Lake Brownwood, he made a thud. Ick. I also saw Longhorns – some may have been official at San Angelo, regular cattle, deer, rabbits, vultures, llama (is that plural & singular?), a raccoon and the trail walking armadillo.

Lake Brownwood – Another challenged navigation attempt that delivered me to the dam, not the park. User input error in that I just searched for Lake Brownwood. If I had added State Park, it would have worked the first time. I switched navigation apps at the dam and made it to the park before it closed so so I could collect my park materials. Whew. I had my documentary evidence of the park visit. Not just a date on a page. I suppose I should spell out my tracking/documentation process to plan and to make sure that I actually get to all the parks.

Being tired and just dealing with another navigation error, I suppose helped my non interest in doing much of anything at this park. Additionally there was supposed to be a major storm blowing in with hail and tornadoes. All I could think of was my new car being out in the elements. Of course I was up multiple times to look out the window that night…. Regardless I did explore the CCC building and rock work by the lake. This park also has lots of cabins and lodges inviting you to stay the week or month!

Note that I carried the dog on the trail versus attempting a stroller. And there was no hail. They did get rain which it sounded like they were in need.


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