May Local Parks – Cleburne & Dinosaur Valley

I did it! 2 more local parks, finally catching up from my March miss. It was another big day of hiking and scrambling up the sides of ravines. Good thing the dogs got to stay home. I originally planned on making this Day 4 of the May road trip but decided against it after some frustrating stops along the road.  This is also the 2nd trip to Dinosaur Valley, I was here in February but didn’t feel that it was documented sufficiently and I still needed to get to Cleburne which is a mere 20 miles from Dinosaur Valley.

Cleburne – This lake is formed by an earthen dam which was quite interesting to explore on the Spillway trail. I missed my trail marker and explored a bit more than planned. Not a bad thing. The whole area was more rocky than expected almost like someone intentionally put the rocks there vs it just being natural. The water erosion along Camp creek provided for some challenges and interesting views.

Dinosaur Valley – Dinosaur tracks in the riverbed! In the late 1930’s a 30 foot chunk of the dinosaur tracks from this site were removed and are in the American Museum of Natural History Museum in New York. A slightly smaller section was sent to the Texas Museum of Natural History in Austin. Even more smaller sections were sent to other museums. The tracks that still remain can only be viewed by getting in the river. I recommend the appropriate footwear but the rocks are still slippery and slimy and rock back and forth almost guaranteeing that you will get wet. Almost, I didn’t fall in either visit, but witnessed falling in both.

Model of tracks

The path to get to the tracks

There are also model dinosaurs from the 1964-5 World’s Fair in New York.


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