June Road Trip Day 1 Purtis Creek & Tyler

A great start to the road trip by not having to drive on an interstate for more than just to get out of the city. The navigation also took me on roads out of the city I had never been on, so good, something new.

Purtis Creek – Purtis Creek has been dammed to create a small little lake. So small that the number of boats allowed on it at one time has been limited. It is a nice & shady little hiking lake tucked out of the way on the edge of the Piney Woods. Note it is not officially in the Piney Woods designation, but it certainly feels like it is.

Tyler – This is the first lake park on this adventure where I was able to drive around the entire lake. Normally the first order of business after getting my day pass is to cruise around the park roads to get the lay of the land. I always ask for a park map, but have some challenges reading them while driving. Normally I just choose to drive and figure it out along the way. As I wound around the park roads, I realized that I was going in a circle.

Another small lake, and a very clear and pretty lake. Which could be evidenced by all the day swimmers who were playing in the water. Note that some flooding along the path made me walk through some stinky stagnant water, but the spring fed lake was largely clear pretty blue water. The boat ramp provided an opportunity to rinse out the shoes in an attempt to prevent too much funky growth. Finally, if I were to get in a lake, this would be the one!


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