July Road Trip Day 1  Lake Tawakoni, Lake Bob Sandlin and an attempt @ Daingerfield

After sitting on this post for what seems like weeks I have finally turned the corner on the perceived negativity from my first attempt. I have finally found a way to an introduction that will maybe explain the state of mind. Mainly – It is HOT. The first park of the day is typically fine but definitely warm, the second pretty toasty  and the last is usually super sweaty, hot and buggy. As noted in the title I didn’t even get through the 3rd park of the day. Ok, I went through the gate, got my pass and drove down the one road that was open. At the gate I was told that there was still access to the hiking trails, but when I drove up that road I was kicked out. I was not happy. But I had to understand. The night before there was a big storm that took out all of the electricity and water. Hence there were no facilities, I get it, you don’t want people out roaming around making a mess of things while you are trying to bring some order back into the park. It did not mean that I could not have a visceral reaction to my plans being foiled. And it was too early in the day to call it a day which made it feel like a failure. Goal not met. What to do for the rest of the hours in the day…

Enough of that, what I have decided is that I am going to cancel my August trip plans and move that trip to September. This is a relatively recent decision primarily based on a social media update where volunteers were changing out the thermometers in the canyon so hikers were aware that is was 115 degrees. As I contemplated this fact I realized that I would rather enjoy the hike vs guaranteed melting. The new plans for August will be a few day trips to get up and out there early. This includes the makeup trip to Daingerfield. I mean I have to go hike through the cathedral of pines right?

Yes I do. Plus it will be easier without the dogs.

Lake Tawakoni – A lake is a lake, and it won’t be the last lake that I see this year or even on this road trip. See, a bit negative. Even though it could be taken a multitude of ways, it feels negative to me. There was nothing wrong with the lake, and it certainly had its fair share of fisher folk.

Lake Bob Sandlin – See another lake. I saw it more as a true test of the new stroller on the most difficult trail I could find. It was a challenge, and proved that bigger wheels are much more manageable. I am thankful that I took the plunge at this point in the year. Now there will be at least 6 months of less fighting with the stroller over roots & rocks. Lucky dogs & Lucky Girl.


Trail test for new stroller


I have no Daingerfield pics. I will decide later if this post will be updated or if there will be a fresh new Daingerfield post.


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