July Local Park – Waco Mammoth

Yep! An official, full blown, took the tour, visit to a National Park. This will be a full check off of that list. WooooHoooo. Yeah.

With all of that excitement you would think that I thought pretty highly of the site. And it is an interesting site. Maybe it was my tour guide, maybe it was the heat, I don’t know. Well maybe I do. It is probably because due to all the hype about this place I was expecting something similar to another mammoth site I have been to, that was pretty impressive. Also at the moment the site is inactive of all activity besides the $5 tour. Which is good that it is only $5. They are waiting for more money to build a lab and expand the site etc. So there are lots of mammoths and their companions buried all over the place just waiting to be discovered, but everything is on hold until some future date/time. Sigh.

Here are the pics 🙂 Note these are the Columbian type mammoths, not the woolly type. It is all about the climate…it still is it seems.


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