July Road Trip Day 2 Cooper Lake & Bonham

I chose to drive on the country roads to get to these small parks vs take the interstate. I always find that it is more interesting that way. And who cares if it takes a few more minutes? I certainly do not.

Cooper Lake – Doctor’s Creek – Nice little lake, or at least the small bit that I saw. With the dam/boat shops around it is probably bigger than I witnessed. Which was by choice, in fact I saw only a few glimpses of the lake on my hike. It was a good hike with trails that linked up so you could decide how far you wanted to hike or not to hike. I am certainly getting the hang of these park trail maps. I am not sure why they were such a challenge in the beginning. Or maybe it is just a case of getting familiar with their content.

Bonham – And even smaller park. Quaint it how I would put it. Very primitive hiking trails. I did not attempt to get the stroller and girls out on the trail. A trip around the park was I there was. I would say that I do not have to stop back here to pick up any misses. I went, I saw, I left.

Guess what there was another miss on the State Historic sites. This time is was the Sam Rayburn House. But I may be able to nab this stop on my Eisenhower day trip. We will just have to see how it goes.


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