August Day Trips – Eisenhower & Daingerfield

I was right, it was hot in August. Minus the last week when Hurricane Harvey landed and stayed in the southern part of the state. It brought cloud cover and a few rain bands even this far north. I was able to get 2 parks visited. One during the solar eclipse. Of course I had to be at a state park during the eclipse! And the other the makeup of the first failed attempt. The bonus of that trip is that I got to go through Mt. Pleasant where one of the best cheesecake shops resides. Yes it was very very tasty 🙂 Anyone passing through should stop at Laura’s Cheesecake or order online. You will be glad that you did the sandwiches are yummy too.

Eisenhower – The local park part of the post. The border between Texas and Oklahoma passes through the middle of Lake Texoma, the lake that the park is located next too. Luckily I was on the Texas side. I did end up slipping out of Texas but was immediately welcomed back in by the Welcome to Texas; Drive Friendly the Texas Way road sign. A quick sigh of relief to be back in Texas 😉 It is a big lake with big boats and even a yacht club. This is also an ATV park. Not that I have an ATV, but it is a unique feature for a state park. Granted it is currently closed for trail renovations, but it will be back open soon.

The other thing that I have been thinking about is making a list of parks that I would like to visit again and spend some time and actually camp (2018 planning). An activity that I have failed at accomplishing so far. Note that the year is not over and there are still plenty of opportunities. Along with decreasing temperatures. It does not negate the fact that more time could be spent at parks that get a few hours of attention. This is one of those parks that I think would be very campable. Pretty sites, pretty view.

My visit took place during the solar eclipse. I have no pictures to commemorate the eclipse. I don’t want to talk about why that is the case. Only stating that it is; the memories will have to remain embedded in my brain.

The first of many turtle sightings for the day.
Oklahoma is over there…

Swimming area – No dogs allowed.
Deer that ran across my path and then watched out for me.

Daingerfield – The do over park. The first attempt was just after they had a storm that took out all of their facilities and a road. This time I was there the Monday after Hurricane Harvey did his damage and the flooding was swinging into high gear. From my park perspective it equated to a cooler cloudy day. Which was good since I took the challenging trail. I have found that the term Challenging on the trail maps can be subjective. In this case Challenging was an understatement. There is even a “note” in the description that says “portions of the trail are steep”. The grade of this trail was even more challenging than that of my Possum Kingdom adventure, in addition to it being almost 3 times a far down the side of the “highest spot in the area” Oh my, it certainly was. This time I remembered my new walking stick, it was a big help. I am a fan of the walking stick. I shall try to remember it on all future adventures that don’t have dogs tagging along.

View through the portal.
This was the trail – see “steep”.
Not steep, but it looks like it might not let you return once entering.
And then there were hurdles.

The easy lakeside trail 🙂

That was it for August. There is a big September planned!


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