Contrasts In Hiking

Every once in a while I stumble into situations that capture my imagination. Recently, I had the chance to make a comparison in hiking styles that brought a smile to my face – see what you think.

When I have finally decided on which trail to explore and pull into the parking spot a few things happen before I actually get on the trail to start a hike.

First, I typically have on flip flops and need to change into the appropriate hiking shoe/sandal. Then I douse myself with bug spray and spread on the sunscreen. I put my hair into a half pony at the nape of my neck and then don the hat that can be seen in the hat selfies on Instagram. The half pony helps keep the hat in place along with it being cooler in the Texas heat. If it is especially windy I tighten up the chin strap to keep the hat from flying off.

Next is to get the doggie stroller out of the car and set it up. It gets loaded up with the appropriate water bottles and/or the water backpack. I toss in the collapsible water bowl along with whatever handbag/backpack was chosen for this road trip and grab the cooling towel that stays in the cooler with the water. Finally after much anticipation and whining the dogs get to get out of the car. HolaChica gets her retractable leash and I attach it to a belt loop with a carabiner so she is now hands free. Then comes Charity and she gets a standard leash that is draped over the handle. I put a leash on her for 2 reasons; the first to try to prevent her inevitable attempt to go on the chase of whatever wildlife we come across & secondly to comply with the park rules of “Pets must be on a leash”. Finally it is time for the sunglasses and the camera to go around the neck. The phone goes in the left pocket and the trail map is folded pocket rectangle size showing the trail chosen for easy reference in the right pocket . Doors closed and the stroller rolled close enough for the key fob to be in range to engage the door locks.

That’s it, off we go for the next adventure.

Imagine my surprise when a guy pulled into a parking spot, got out of the car looking like a tourist, grabbed a water bottle, locked his car, put his keys in his pocket and disappeared down a hiking trail. I mean seriously, is that even f’ing possible?

Hindsight – When this same dude slowed down on the road and observed my setup I am pretty sure the look on his face was ‘you have got to be f’ing kidding me’!



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