September Road Trip #1 Day 1 Caprock Canyon & Palo Duro Canyon

A day of canyons. Day 2 just as well be a canyon too, except they are calling it “breaks”. I luckily understand this since I grew up in the “breaks”. It is kind of funny when I say it that way. Makes it sound more interesting that it maybe was πŸ™‚ Additionally this really wasn’t Day 1. But Day 1 was primarily driving and going to the national monument of the Alibates Flint Quarries. There is not much to write about the visit and no pics of flint. The ranger led hike does not allow pets and there are no pet facilities. Even though it was a break in the heat it was still not cool enough to leave the girls in the car for an hour.

Alibates Flint Quarries – The name of the quarries was derived from the rancher who showed the dude who named it around. Ally Bates. So I pronounce it as such, even though most likely someone has decided to say it differently according to some odd diction. I would have enjoyed going on the hike, but it is only offered 2 times a day (which I missed) and for me it only works during certain times of the year. They do offer a trail around the hill. Literally the trail wraps around the hill. Entertaining and short.

Caprock Canyon – Wow. Even the drive to the park had a picnic area that was worthy of stopping and taking a pic or two. I think that it is so jaw dropping because all of this area is surrounded by seas of waving grain. It reminds me of looking out over the ocean with the endless horizon except it is an endless horizon of farmland.

And there are bison, bison everywhere. They greet you at the gate, they pose for pics and they have their trails across the park. And there are prairie dogs. In fact this was only the first park with the fat little prairie dogs that were frowned upon where I grew up. Here they are treated quite well.

I wish that I would have taken more pics of the bison. Especially after the sun came out. I guess I will have to go back πŸ™‚

And there are the views. I obviously am enamored with this place. This park is right up there jockeying for the favorite park of the year. I might have to think about a favorites list. It is probably the same as the let’s go camping list. I also like the red rocks/dirt. I have always liked red dirt, I have never had the privilege of living in the red dirt and always have thought that I wanted too. I also understand that those who have always lived with it are not such fans of the muddy red mess.

Here are the hiking pics, there is not much to add. I think I picked the best trail to take a stroller and it still be challenging and visually stunning. I have no regrets.

The flower pods are purple here. At the next park they are more red.
Looks strollerable.
The start of the hike, wondering if I will make it to the far point on the other side.
Steeper that it looks.

Picnic area on the drive to Caprock Canyon
Looking back to where the trail started from the far point.

Palo Duro Canyon – The 2nd canyon of the day and the most popular state park in Texas. I didn’t get to enjoy the hikes that I expected to enjoy and should have gone with a different trail. As usual, it is what it is. The scenery is beautiful regardless. Additionally this is an all day park, not a 2nd park of the day. The trails are too intense to try to just get in a pick up trail for the end of the day. This park also designates trails for specific use. Such as biking or equestrian only. I did get to take a pic of one of the new thermometers that I saw being installed on social media. It was still a pleasant day in early September so I did not have as much to worry about. Note that any later in the week those thermometers would be telling a different story.

The trail I should have tried.
The trail I did try that was so washed out from the rain that it was a nightmare with the stroller.

The canyon from the visitors center.

3 thoughts on “September Road Trip #1 Day 1 Caprock Canyon & Palo Duro Canyon

  1. Just a heads up, for when you hopefully head back to Palo Duro (my favorite state park in Texas), but the hoodoo you identified as the Lighthouse is in fact just a formation on Capitol Peak. The Lighthouse is much, much larger and very, very impressive, and a few miles away to the west.
    See them both here:

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