September Road Trip #1 Day 2 Copper Breaks & Lake Arrowhead Bonus Local Park – Cedar Hill

The first hike of the day a started rather mundane. The “short” loop was a widely mown path on the prairie and then things got interesting. As it usually seems to happen when I embark on a one path only to find myself on another. The bonus park is here because there is not enough for a single post and you will see why when you get there.

Copper Breaks – I chose the Bull Canyon hiking option because all of the other trails claimed to be rocky. And I have finally learned to heed rocky warnings especially when the pet stroller is in the picture. After walking along the mown path I had resigned myself that it was going to be an uneventful hike. Until I made the decision to take the long loop. It seemed like it would be innocent enough. There were no warnings in the description. When I reached the point of no return I knew it had just gotten to be an interesting hike. My thoughts were that it is either going to be an easy ride into and out of the canyon or it won’t be.

WOW it was crazy! I would have been challenged without the stroller, with it, it was just a matter of grit to drag that stroller out of the canyon. Additionally I was so focused on getting out that I forgot to take my hat selfie. And there were some amazing views to get some good ones. I only have the pictures to share. 🙂


Mown path
Without elevation it seems easy…
The canyon
Easy part of the trail (less mown)

Going down.
Going up
And up.



Lake Arrowhead – After a few days of lower temps we were back into the heat. This was a short stop and more prairie dogs! They turned into the theme of this road trip. I am surprised that you don’t see more of them run over on the road like squirrels. The little fat creatures are everywhere. Maybe it is due to the low speed limit in the park.  They seem to even be taking over the campsites. Not good in my book. They are rodents after all.

Bonus Park:

Cedar Hill – This park started out well. Another area in the metroplex I have never been too. When all you do is get on an interstate to go from point A to point B, you miss out on all of the other things that were there before the interstate and luckily are still there to stop and enjoy. I knew that the trail that I picked out may be closed due to the warnings posted for the park, but I was still disappointed that the one I picked was closed. After piecing together another option I was set to be a happy hiker. No dogs, no stroller, just the trail. Until I ran into a sunbathing rattlesnake less than 100 yards into the hike. After deciding that I didn’t want to try to sneak around him and then my phone vibrating in my pocket making me even more jumpy I was all done. Everything looked like a slithering snake at that point. I did not get a hike in at this park. Which is too bad. I suppose I could always return in the future. Maybe 2018.


Bird Watching

The Snake




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