September Road Trip #2 Day 2 Bastrop, Buescher, Monument Hill/Kriesche Brewery & Meridian

Parks along the Lost Pines. My obvious questions is how were the Pines Lost? There is Native American legend of seeds being planted to make a woman happy and then there is the scientific evidence that a glacier is to blame for moving these trees always from their counterparts in East Texas. The legend is more entertaining and neither really say lost…

Bastrop – This park looks and feels like it is just getting beaten up. Fires, hurricanes and flooding have taken their toll not only on the roads but on the trails too. It does make for an interesting landscape, if not making me wonder what it looked like before.

Buescher – I attempted to take the park road and discovered that flooding had taken out a low area, and I got to turn around. Guess who didn’t pay enough attention to all the alerts in the app. I am pretty sure I just ignored it, plus I made the decision on the fly to take the park road from seeing the sign in the Bastrop park… I had to back track a bit. And then the main entrance to Buescher is under some kind of construction and you have to find the back road to get into the park. I did read about that and remembered the instructions which were better than the detour signs. And then the office was closed, luckily the trail maps were outside. Which told me all the trails, except 1 were closed. So we had lunch here in the pretty park under the pretty trees and went on our pretty way.


Flood damage.


Monument Hill & Kreische Brewery – Back to history and the birth of Texas. This is one of those monuments that I always see pics of and now have taken my own. The tomb is for Republic of Texas patriots that were put to death by Santa Ana via the Black Bean incident. 17 black beans and 159 white beans, where those holding the black ones were executed. The incident did not happen at this location, the remains were moved here after the site was designated for the purpose. The Colorado River flows hundreds of feet below the monument and the first commercial brewery in Texas. At one time the biggest producer of the beverage by volume.

The Colorado River
Kriesche was a stonemason turned brewer and this is his farmhouse on top of the hill from the brewery.
What remains of the brewery.


Meridian – The last park of the trip, another beautiful park. It was closed be the time that I arrived and lucky for me they also had trail maps outside I like this time of day to explore parks when the sun is in its mid evening path. Still bright but not the blaring heat of the day time sun. I will note again that the temps are much more pleasant now. Making the park visiting process quite enjoyable.

The spider web in the path



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