October Road Trip Day 1 Pedernales Falls, Blanco & Old Tunnel

It was a big road trip this month – 4 days! Gearing up for the mega December road trip. Lots of wish list items on this trip that remain on the wish list. Sigh. I still have not hiked on Enchanted Rock. NO DOGS ALLOWED! And it was too hot to leave them in the car. I had done some looking into boarding them, but then decided that I would work around the parks that didn’t allow dogs on this trip. Since most of the time it is hot, Enchanted Rock would be an ideal place for a kennel on site. Granted I have not been to a state park that has kennels available. Only national and local interest places that have provided a kennel option. At the other 2 parks that didn’t allow dogs were either visited early or late enough that they could stay in the car. Again, sigh. The other item still on the wish list is to see the bats fly…

Pedernales Falls – Another hike that should not have been taken. During the adventure I did not have much good to say about the park attendant that said the trail next to the falls was a dirt trail and stroller friendly. Looking back on it I think that she was referencing a different trail than the one I took. The done I took was rocky, rocky, rocky. I finally gave up on the rocks after expecting that around each corner it would turn into a dirt trail. Down to the big rocks on the river/falls. I was exhausted and the dog in the stroller was overly stressed from all the rock wrangling. I just wanted to get out of the river bed. Upon asking for directions I discovered that I had to go up the rock steps. The rock steps that when I looked down from the overlook I vowed that I was not interested in taking. Lucky me I got to drag the stroller up all those rocks when I was already tired from the rocky terrain that got me in this rocky boat. Little did I know that this was just the first hike that would challenge my sensibilities. Finally as expected there was not much in the essence of falls since there was not a lot of water flowing. It looks like it would be pretty amazing when that does happen though.

Some rock steps…

Blanco – A pretty little park that is more like a city park than a state park. Nice and pleasant and small. A picturesque park for camping and gathering and fishing fun.

Old Tunnel – Dreams of seeing the bats fly were flitting around in my head. Needless to say after it was too dark to really see if bats were exiting the old railroad tunnel we saw a few investigate the viewing area flapping their wings so quickly all you can see is a blur. And that was that. It was then navigating the back roads after dark dodging deer along the way.


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