October Road Trip Day 2 LBJ & Enchanted Rock

This part of Texas is always fun to visit. I enjoy Fredericksburg, Lukenbach, and the hill country in general. This time I as usual get to see even more by getting off the beaten path and taking the back roads.

LBJ – The Lyndon Baines Johnson ranch. I have been here before, many years ago. At Old Tunnel I was chatting with a Brother/Sister monarch butterfly viewing duo that had been to the LBJ ranch that day. They said that you just drove through the ranch now. When I visited there was a bus ride that took you around. I found out from the WNPA shopkeeper that the bus was in place while Lady Bird was still alive. A security risk to let people just wander around on their own. Besides the driving portion there are easy stroller walking trails that traverse through deer, longhorns, supposed buffalo – I did not see any that were not metal cutouts – and the Sauer-Beckmann living history farm. Chickens, sheep, cows, roosters and a pig. Except for the pig, which she could not see since it did not move, Charity wanted to chase after them all. The trails also had fancy informational rocks with bronze plaques along the path. I usually find these educational & interesting.

I also visited Johnson City and the childhood home and other buildings that have been preserved for visitors. Well I did not explore this are too much since I had Enchanted Rock dreams swirling in my head. The main discovery here was a National Parks of Texas brochure and map. Finally! Not just some ugly white pages printed off the internet. Of course the problem arises that I may not have actually visited some of the areas indicated appropriately. I will just have to say that there is always next year. And the year after…etc…

See – Educational and Interesting

Enchanted Rock – I have been wanting to hike on Enchanted Rock for years. Years. And I am still waiting. There is only one trail that allows dogs and that trail does not go on the rock. So either the dogs will have to be boarded or, maybe, in November when I will be back through the area trying to catch some fall color I can give it another go when it is cooler and the dogs can stay in the car. Hmmmm. I should make sure that they will not fine me for that. I think I have seen some FB posts that that is frowned upon. Except that was also in the summer. Anyhow, research. Fingers crossed.


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