October Road Trip Day 3 Longhorn Cavern & Inks Lake

I have heard about Marble Falls, in that I have seen the signs and heard the name before. Who knew this resort town existed? Well I suppose lot’s of people, I was just not one of them. My hotel room balcony looked out over the river, it was beautiful. I would say it had just as good of a view placement as those resorts down the road:) I was wowed by my luck and my foresight to stay here for 2 nights. Note that I made that decision to stay here for 2 instead of Fredericksburg based on the description and some on location to the parks I was visiting in those days. It was a good decision. I felt like I was on vacation. I also did not have jam packed days of parks and was also able to enjoy the area and do some exploring. A nice unexpected change.

Longhorn Cave – A rushing water created cave that has smooth flowing lines and grottos where rocks swirled around. It was also used as a speakeasy during prohibition. That sounds like it would have been fun. A horrible idea to those who are conservationists, but it sounds like it was fun with the bar, band main stage and dance floor in the cave. And it was pretty far into the cave to venture for your moonshine. It was also the nuclear fallout shelter for LBJ. Just another day in the life of a cave.

There were also perfect length trails above ground for before and after as the dogs had to wait in the car. It was almost getting too warm when we got out the cave. It is a 90 minute tour and we took all 90.

The dog

Cave opening at the entrance.

If you are tall you have to duck to get through.
Cave opening that has been boarded up.

Inks Lake – A very busy little lake with a popular Devils Water Hole for the middle of the week. Lots of construction going on making improvements. And there were butterfly’s.

The trail, or A trail.
The standing rock is the jumping off point to meet the Devil.


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