October Road Trip Day 4 Colorado Bend

OMG – This was the longest 1 1/2 mile hike that I have ever done. It is also a fitting ending to the road trip of getting into an impossible hike, at least I didn’t have the stroller… The mile and a half was one way so it was 3 miles, again the longest 3 mile hike I have ever done. It did not help that there is a vertical challenge in the last or first 50 ft. Why did I do it? Especially after I had already done the stroller hike that day for a couple miles to check out some springs. Because I was suckered into the “famous Gorman Falls” and I said hey, why not. I will probably not be back in this bend of the river and I will regret it once I know more about these falls. So over the rocky winding path we went. I even carried Charity for a good chunk because I realized she would need to be able to walk herself out of the rocky path since I knew that I would be tired at that point. I did not however realize at that point that I would be exhausted from hauling them and me down then back up the vertical rock climbing challenge. I am not exaggerating. Even the group of old guys that I passed on the way to the falls gave warning. In fact it makes sense why everyone I met after experiencing the falls seemed a bit out of sorts. The park is beautiful, but obviously the attraction is the falls. I don’t have great pics of the falls. One was the lighting, two was that I was a bit panicky about how I was going to get out of there with my girls. Charity got very scared on the way down and was visibly shaking because she lost her footing and I had to use her leash and harness to pull her up. She was not impressed. And I didn’t bring their water bowl because I never guessed that the mile and half was at least 2 and half miles long winding and hopping rocks. Ugh. It was a naturally beautiful hike. I did lose my map though, my special folded map….

Colorado River
Springs Trail
Springs Pond
Falls Trail

The rocks looked like turtle shells
Top of the trail
The falls.

Down to the falls.
Getting out, at least the wire rope was no longer needed for assistance.
Glad I didn’t have the stroller.


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