November Road Trip Day 1 San Antonio Missions

Day 1 was designated as a travel day with the assumption that if there was still time I would go to a few Missions de San Antonio. I have toured the missions years back ironically during the same time of year – it was Thanksgiving weekend though. I was testing out the train situation since I had decided to take the train to California for Christmas that year. What an adventure. In fact both traveling by train trips were big adventures on their own and not documented via this blog. (Yet)

The biggest revelation is that my camera really is still taking good pictures. And as usual it comes down to lighting. My camera has been put through the ringer this year and I was thinking that it was just not taking good pics. I want at least good pics. And I don’t want to have to pack around the fancy DLSR that I secretly envy. This also means that a new camera also comes off the Christmas wish list. In reality I just need to spend some more time with the manual features I already have to get some competency before moving up to the big league. Which again I don’t really want to have to pack around that equipment and I really would have felt sick had I scrapped one in the dirt on my fateful ankle twist. My camera came away with some scratches and sand in places that it didn’t like. But it cleaned up well.

Here are my mission pics!

San Jose –

San Juan –

There are 2 more missions that due to constructions and detours were not visited this trip. I did pop in to the San Juan cemetary again. I thought the dropping of leaves was pretty.


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