November Road Trip Day 2 Garner, Lost Maples & Hill Country

All right, time for the fall color that I have seen raved about in all the on line articles. I was worried that I might have been a bit late since there was an early cold front. In some ways I might have been right about that in others there was the fall color. It is as I have always said, there is color anywhere that you live in Texas as long as your out there to see it. And by out there I mean that it doesn’t all happen on the day that you happen to be out seeing the color. I saw what there was to see on the day I was out and can only enjoy all the other times by those posts online. It was also raining, another luck of the weather draw.

Garner – I ended up going to Garner twice. It was the first stop of the day and it was pretty rainy. I decided to go to Lost Maples thinking that I could dodge the rain clouds. It pretty much worked. They are close enough that I was able to go to Lost Maples and back and still hop into Hill country for a mile hike. This pics are from the second visit where I walked along the Frio River. Probably a better plan that the first one 🙂

Without Rain
With Rain


Through the tree

Water Roots

Lost Maples – I did not find out if the lost maples were the same story as the lost pines. My fail. It was an interesting little trail with water crossings. I would think that if there was more rain it may not be such a easy little trail. Note that for the water crossings I got to carry both dogs instead of just the usual 1 dog. It was cold so I took pity on them so their paws didn’t get wet.

A few water crossings

Some fall color

Hill Country – Depending which road you take getting to this state natural area determines the amount of washboard gravel road you get to drive on. I unknowingly picked the washboard gravel way and since it was late in the day and the rain coming back very soon I was very happy that I didn’t have to drive out the same way I came in. And I didn’t get rained on in the last mile hike of the day. It was chilly and cloudy and I made it in just before the park trailer closed. Which was good because there is no cell service I wouldn’t have known that the road went through the park and back into civilization just around the corner.

The Washboard Road
The Trail – Merrick Mile

Once I was back on pavement it was not long for the rain to come on strong. All the major highways came to a stand still, because driving in the rain causes accidents….(not for me, but it always seems like it is when I am sitting there for hours waiting for the road to be cleared)


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