December Road Trip Day 1 & 2 Marfa, Ft. Leaton, Big Bend Ranch, Barton Warnock & Big Bend National Park (Whew)

Day 1 ended up being a driving day. This was not the original plan, but it was just the way it was. It was a heavy rainy morning which delayed departure. The rain did not let up for hours and hours on the interstate which caused spots to be slow going. This made for an on the road decision to change Day 1 plans. I scratched 2 stops to head south early to reach my evening destination on time.

The evening destination was to stay in a historic hotel in Marfa. Hotel Paisano, and I was also able to book the James Dean room. I hear that it is one of the most popular rooms in the hotel. I was just surprised that they allowed dogs. The hotel was host to the movie stars from The Giant which was filmed in the area and is filled with picture outtakes from the film along with some official photos. After my day of rain, it was a great place to spend the evening.

I attempted to see the infamous Marfa Lights. The hotel manager said the later the better. I went out to the observation area @ 10 and only stayed out in the cold for 45 minutes. Needless to say I did not see any lights. Here are my best night sky pics.



Ft. Leaton / Big Bend Ranch / Barton Warnock – Day 2 was quite the driving adventure. It was a beautiful day which was a nice change from all of the rain the day before. The first stop of the day was at Ft. Leaton which is also one of the visitor centers to get information and the pass for the day. One thing to note, the area is conducive to 4×4/off-road/Jeeps. Which is not my ride.  I chose not to travel over the washboard gravel into Big Bend Ranch. Once into the park there is supposed to be paved road, but I wimped out. Plus the park attendant at Ft. Leaton mentioned Hoodoos… Ft. Leaton was preparing for a Christmas event for the evening which is why you see the bags being placed for the evening candles. I did not return for the program.

This cart seems biger than the corral.

The road not taken – but pretty landscape views –

Hoodoo’s –

I stopped at the Barton Warnock visitor center and have no pics. But I do have pics of the scenic drive that are pretty awesome.

Next up! Big Bend National Park – Wow. So there were a multitude of trails to explore and learn more but as with all the National Parks that I have been too, dogs are not allowed on any of them. So we did a tourist drive around. Since it was 45 miles per hour and lots of road it took up the rest of the day. I did get to get as close as one can get to the border be standing next to the Rio Grand and looking across the canyon to Mexico. It was pretty impressive.

The closest I was to the border with Mexico – This year.
That’s Mexico.

Mule Ears

Sotol Vista

The second part

Not a bad pic through a dirty windshield…

And this evening was a night the the Ghost Town Terlingua (I didn’t see any ghosts either)


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