About Rine

Rine – that’s an interesting first name right? Well is it is the end of Catherine. And I ask-How many Cathy/Kathy, Catherines/Katherines, Kate/Caty’s do you know? Quite a few I imagine. A name so common the never ending question: Is that with a C or a K? How to not be a part of the crowd but keep it real to me? Use just a part of my name that is uncommon as a first name. Brilliant!

(And no I am definitely not a Cat…)

And Rine on the Road is a little catchy.

Genesis for this site? In the early months of 2016 I read an article where this guy visited all the Texas State Parks in one year. It simmered. Also in the same year I went to both the Sequoia & Yosemite National Parks, amazing. And it simmered some more. I had a chance to read the article again, which means that I was getting my car serviced again, and the simmer really started to bubble. By October my mind was made up, 2017 I am going to do the same thing state parks & historical sites, plus the national parks too. Considering that there weren’t many in the state of Texas and they were close to where I would already be, I said let’s do it!

I also have a fascination with cemeteries, so when passing by any that look of interest, I pull in and explore those too.

Then the planning started, including creating this site to document my journey.

Have fun exploring with me!



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