Of The Road..

You can’t just drive by a park or through a park. You need to spend some time. Take at least a few pics and not miss the key local attractions. I suspect that I will miss something here and there and may have to revisit some areas. Or, if there is a fun festival that I find out about after the fact, it may constitute another visit. Even though I am trying to plan the calendar to hit at least the ones I have heard about. But it is a big state and I have probably not heard of everything.

Many of the state parks are associated with lakes. I will put it out there right away – I am not a lake person, I don’t enjoy fishing, boating, swimming (which =’s drowning), but I do like hiking. From the research already completed, the lakes do have hiking trails of various sorts. So hiking it will be. I imagine that there will be a lot of trail pics. We will see how similar they turn out to be.

New things that I am going to learn as I go:

Geocaching – sounds and looks like fun. And there is a passbook to fill out to get free or discounted stuff. So why not. And it will help in the things to do at lakes.

Camping – I have traditionally been against camping. I mean really that’s why there are hotels right? Except I am not trying to break the bank with this adventure so let’s try some camping in the spring and fall months. Can’t hurt, or I hope it doesn’t hurt. Yes, I will be visiting some hotels too and building up some free nights.