The geocache tales.

Why not try it I say. I have heard about this cache thing in the past and thought it sounded interesting. I will be at all these state parks and in theory I should be able to rack up the prizes.

TPWD have made some requirements that appear that you have to actually do the geocaching to complete the task. Such as there is a punch in the cache that you have to use on the form and you have to write the answer to the cache question on the form. I would think the punch would be enough but they are making me learn more about the park too. Tricky.

I have a trusty iphone and have downloaded the recommended geocaching app. I have printed the forms that have to be punched, filled out and sent in for each prize level. Now it is down to execution and figuring out this longitude and latitude stuff that I only am aware of peripherally. Which is why I will be relying on the trusty iphone.

Can’t wait to try it. I will get my chance at the first park I am visiting this year. Fingers crossed for the successful finding of a geocache.

January Update – 1st geocache attempt at the 1st state park on the 1st day hike = FAIL. The trusty iphone app said I did not have access and/or I thought I might be putting in the informaiton wrong. I did not attempt to figure it out on site. Before the next outing I tried to determine what I did wrong.

It appears that I need to pay for the subscription for the app. Which would be $30 for the year. Not outrageous, but I had it in my mind that this would be a free activity. I am not so fond of have to pay for my free activity. As of this date (1/25) I have not given in and paid for my annual subscription. I have watched a video on the topic from TPWD and I still have not changed my mind. Aarrgghh.